Wickerwork Corporation

makieta budynku Centrum Wikliniarstwa w Rudniku nad Sanem wykonana z wikliny.

Wickerwork Corporation “Rudnik”

The purpose of the organization is to promote the development of wickerwork, the maintenance of traditions, as well as the protection of the environment.  The largest municipal event, in which the Corporation is actively involved, is “Wicker Rudnik nad Sanem”, organized yearly since 2000, which is also the largest such event in the Podkarpackie region. The event is combined with a large fair of useful products, where stands are visited by thousands of people.

Another event attended by the representatives of the Corporation was in 2019. World Festival of Wicker and Weaving in Nowy Tomyśl. The presence of braiders from Rudnik and the surrounding area as representatives of the Podkarpackie Province was the confirmation of how important this craft is for the region.

At the head of the Corporation Wicker “Rudnik” is Stanislaw Szydełko, president of the company “PATKAR”.


Wickerwork Corporation “Rudnik”
Rynek 40, office 5
37-420 Rudnik nad Sanem
Phone: +48 15 876 10 02

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