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Grupa dzieci z przewodnikiem w Centrum Wikliniarstwa. Oglądają wystawy.

Anna Straub – Director of the Municipal Cultural Centre and the Wickework Centre in Rudnik nad Sanem. Has been tied to Rudnik for 17 years. Her adventure with culture began as a librarian.  Organizes many artistic and cultural events, wickerwork workshops, meetings with authors, to which she invites children and young people from schools. She educates young generation by art, folklore and artistic handicraft from wicker.

Agata Krasa – a trained visual artist. Since 2018 she has been working at the Wickerwork Centre. She is the originator and co-creator of the wicker playground and one of the coordinators of wicker exhibitions outside our province. She works as a decorator, designer of the exposition arrangement in the Centre.

Waldemar Łojek – since 1994 has been associated with the Municipal Cultural Centre and Wickerwork Centre in Rudnik nad Sanem. On an ongoing basis, deals with the arrangement and restoration of wicker sculptures. Arranged a new the attic space of the Centre.

Agata Soroka – has been working as a specialist at the Tourist Information Point of the Centre for Wickerwork since 2007. She provides information about tourist attractions and services, e.g. accommodation, catering, as well as cultural and entertainment facilities. She is a cultural animator, manager and educator by profession. Her co-workers say that she has wonder hands and artistic talent allowing her to design wicker decorations on the market square in Rudnik.

Justyna Gawryl – has been working as a custodian of the Centre of Wickerwork since 2007. Thanks to her passion and experience she professionally passes knowledge about history and tradition of Polish Wicker Capital to tourists. She takes part in conferences and promotional meetings. The nature of her work also requires proper collection and documentation.

Kinga Horodecka – works as a custodian and project specialist in the Centre of Wickerwork. With a degree in English philology, she perfectly serves foreign tourists. Her duties also include writing applications, implementing projects and obtaining public funds for the activities of the institution.

Henryka Działak – promotes wickerwork art among children and young people through demonstrations, weaving lessons and wickerwork workshops. Objects of decorative and utilitarian character come out from her hands. Promoting wickerwork crafts on festivals, fairs, study tours, she familiarizes participants with the history of wickerwork, basic weaves, knowledge about growing wicker and its acquisition.

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