Caritas Centre

Starszy mężczyzna ubrany w koszule w kratę trzyma w ręce fragment wikliny.

Occupational Therapy Workshops

Occupational Therapy Workshops in Rudnik nad Sanem operating at the Caritas Centre of Sandomierska Diocese has been functioning since 2006. It has been established to help people  having a moderate or significant degree of disability.

What we do

Participants improve their skills through classes in eleven workshops, including a wickerwork workshop.

During classes in the wickerwork workshop participants:

  • get to know different braiding materials and how to handle them
  • master several types of weaves
  • make plaited decorations (hearts, flowers, glass holders)
  • weave baskets.

Among the handicraft techniques, weaving is one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and rewarding. With simple materials and a minimum number of tools, one can weave unique, beautiful and durable artistic and functional objects.

Through the activities in the thematic workshops, the clients acquire skills that prepare them for work, as well as develop activities needed to function in everyday life. These activities prepare the participants to take up employment in sheltered workshops or vocational activity centres.

As part of social rehabilitation, the workshops enable disabled people to participate in social life. It is realised mainly through development of personal resourcefulness, stimulation of social activity and ability to perform social roles independently.

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